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4 Tips for Approaching a Friend with a Drinking Problem in Peoria

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There have been many people seeing their friends start to develop drinking problems in Peoria, Illinois says Drug Rehab Peoria care takers.  This can sometimes be a difficult situation to watch happen, and many do not know what to do about it.  While it can be tough to figure out the correct way to approach it, this is never a situation that should be left be to see if it improves.  Approaching them about it may be the difference between intervening early enough and stopping it, or it continuing on and getting worse.  You speaking to your friend could be the key to them cutting down or correcting their behavior.  Image result for 4 Tips for Approaching a Friend with a Drinking Problem in Peoria

Here are 4 tips to approaching a friend with a drinking problem:

  • Do not invalidate or criticize – Invalidating, fault finding or criticizing your friend may only instigate an argument with them.  They may not recognize what situation they are in yet, and so become extremely defensive when the point is brought up.  Let them know you are not criticizing or judging them.  
  • Express Your Concern – Let them know that it is not about judging them, but rather about your concern for them.  Let them know your observations about how their drinking habits have increased or worried you.  You can say something such as, “Hey, Are you alright? I see that you have been drinking quite a lot lately.”
  • Ensure Privacy – When finding the time to speak to your friend about this, ensure it is in a place private from others.  You do not want to broadcast what is going on, so having a private conversation will make it easier for them to open up.
  • Talk to them when they are sober – This can be a critical part of the conversation.  Make sure they are sober when you speak to them, so that they remember the conversation as well as are in their right mind to consider what you are bringing up.  

Finding Treatment When a Drinking Problem Escalates

Sometimes, despite your best efforts to intervene, their drinking problem may get worse or was already in such a state when you tried to approach them.  Some people sometimes do not realize they need help or that it has gone too far until they experience some sort of severe repercussion.  When getting to this level, it may require them attending treatment for their addiction.  You can also seek out a health professional to discuss the best way of getting your friend help if need be.  They may be able to help with a brief intervention as well, which can assess and give feedback on a person’s substance use, and refer them to treatment as needed.  

If you or a loved one are struggling with an addiction in Peoria, Illinois, let us assist you.  There are many different types of treatment and treatment facilities that can help to address alcoholism and the issues underlying it.  Our advisors are trained and experienced in finding the best treatment center to fit the individual and their particular needs.  We can help to find you or your loved one the perfect private inpatient rehab center.  

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