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6 Common Dental Procedures Outside of a Basic Cleaning

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You are probably aware that health experts and health industry professionals advise you should have your teeth professionally cleaned at least once every six months.  This seems like a pretty reasonable timetable.  On the other hand, a bi-annual professional cleaning is not always enough to cover other issues you may have with your teeth.  As such, here are six other common Des Cedres Dental Clinic procedures that you might need, outside of your everyday (or, rather, every-six-months) professional cleaning.


Among the most common dental procedure—particularly non-surgical—teeth whitening is more cosmetic than medical; and you can accomplish this, sometimes, with home treatments.  It can help improve your smile (and, thus, your confidence) and, perhaps, encourage better dental care to help you prevent any of the following other common procedures.Image result for 6 Common Dental Procedures Outside of a Basic Cleaning


Most people will get a filling at least once in their lives. This is a procedure performed when the dentist finds that, perhaps, a cavity may be developing. If they can catch it early they might perform one of these procedures to prevent more damage from setting in.


Also called endodontics, the root canal is a common—and very important—procedure which entails a dental surgeon removing the pulp from an effected tooth.  Tooth pulp is small and thread-like, and it lies deep in the center of the tooth.  When this core of the tooth is damaged, the procedure cleans out the dead pulp in the center and then reshapes and fills the damage.  Like the filling, the root canal can save many teeth from far worse fates.


Also called dental “caps,” dental crowns provide a type of restoration that protects damaged and cracked or even broken teeth. The cap, basically, sits on top of the entire tooth—hence the term “cap”—above the gum line. A dental cap can be made of porcelain (very common, these days) or metal or a combination of these.


When you have to repair a missing tooth or a series of damaged teeth you might need to get a bridge or implants.  Sometimes these are also known as a “fixed removable denture,” a bridge can replace one or more of these damaged teeth.  There are several different types of dental bridges.


Finally, you may need an extraction. If basically, you could need to extract a tooth if it is beyond repair and at risk for damaging other teeth.

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