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Anavar – a mild yet powerful substance

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Anavar is the brand name for Oxandrolone that is mostly used by vast number of bodybuilders and athletes to burn body fat quickly and to lose weight. Liquid Anavar was developed in the year 1964 and now it became one of the most popular anabolic steroids that are used by both males and females because of the fact that it is a milder steroid that can still give its users great results with very less side effects. This character of the Anavar made it one of the safest anabolic steroids around. Anavar can be administered sublingually as well.

Liquid Anavar generally has a fairly short half-life which means that its effects will be noticed by the users within a very short amount of time after taking the drug. If you take liquid Anavar continuously, you can fully utilise its fat burning properties. For enhanced effect, some users split their liquid Anavar dose up in half and take it twice a day. Taking Anavar twice every day enhances the results and is more effective as the levels of liquid anavar in your bloodstream are kept more stable. However this is usually done amongst male users only, that too for the ones whose doses can be quite high. This could be done especially with Anavar itself because of the fact that it is such a mild anabolic steroid and for males to gain any noticeable results, the doses have to be higher than the females. The results would not be increased further if they split up their liquid Anavar doses. So without splitting, they can gain all of the benefits with just a single 10mg daily dose. Anavar can also be administered sublingually which increases the drug strength.steroids

Generally Anavar is available in two forms; they are liquid Anavar and Pill Form of Anavar. In terms of results, there is actually no great difference between the pill form and the liquid form of Anavar. Most of the users of Anavar would find it easier to take their doses with the pill form because of the fact that the doses are already measured out for them. This means if they are in pill form then it is easier to more accurately get the correct amount of Anavar per day without the worry of having to measure out doses. On other hand, the liquid form is mostly used by people who want to inject Anavar. There is no specific reason or benefit in taking it in an injected way, but it just comes down to personal preference. The amount of people who use liquid Anavar is normally very less compared to those who take it orally in the form of pills. Even finding liquid Anavar is more complicated as it is not readily available and can be difficult to find.

For males, cutting period is more beneficial than off season because it is during this time that this anabolic steroid can help them to reach what they are really trying to achieve, which is to lose body fat and weight. As Anavar contains some extreme fat burning properties in it, it gives your body the ability to burn more fat that it stored.

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