Atkins Food Phase 1

Atkins Diet, Induction

Induction is the first phase and most important part of the Atkins diet. During induction you’re going to turn your metabolism from carbohydrate burning to fat-burning.

There’s quite a wide variety of food you can eat during this part of the Atkins diet, however to make this work there are some foods you will definitely want to stay away from and we’re gonna go over most of what you can and cannot have.

Typically the first phase of the Atkins new diet revolution lasts for a minimum of 14 days, the following is a list of foods compiled in the new diet revolution as written by Dr. Atkins in his book.

One piece of advice, on their website they seem to be pushing the diet shakes and protein bars and from everything I have read for the best results you’re better off fixing your own meals.

Atkins diet, Buffalo wings

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Protein from seafood including:

Tuna      Salmon      Sole      Trout      Flounder

Sardines      Hearing      Crab      Squid      Clams

Shrimp      Lobster      Muscles      Oysters

Protein from game birds including:                                                           no_carbs

Chicken      Turkey      Goose      Duck

Quail      Pheasant      Game hens

Protein from red meat including:

Bacon      Ham      Venison

Veal      Lamb      Pork      Beef

Protein from eggs including:

Scrambled      Fried      Hard-boiled

Soft-boiled      Poached      Omelets

Another important part of the Atkins new diet revolution is how many carbohydrates you take in a day, according to Dr. Atkins the Max in carbohydrates is 20 grams.

Most of the carbohydrates that you consume will come from vegetables (12 to 15 carbs a day) below is a list of some of the vegetables that you can eat during induction.

The measurements in the book are for the vegetables in their raw state so if you’re going to cook them, measure before you cook.

Vegetables for carbohydrates:

Iceberg lettuce      Romain lettuce      Bok Choy      Arugula

Broccoli      Cabbage      Cauliflower      Collard greens

Egg plant      Kale      Okra      Sauerkraut      Rhubarb

Snap peas      Spinach      Summer squash      Turnips

Zucchini      Mushrooms      Cucumber      Raw peppers

Onion      Brussels sprouts      Pumpkin      Spaghetti squash

Tomato      Water chestnuts      Asparagus      Green beans

Black or green olives      Radishes      Artichokes

Almost all seasonings can be used on this diet including the following: basil, oregano, cayenne or regular pepper, dill weed, cilantro, sage, rosemary, ginger root, and tarragon.

Dressings for your salads you can use ranch, Cesar, Blue Cheese, Italian, Lemon or Lime Juice, also Oil and Vinegar. Although make sure you check the labels of any of the dressings to make sure there’s no sugar added. (balsamic vinegar also has sugar in it so use some other kind)                                                                                              fat loss diet

A variety of cheeses you can have during induction include:                                      

Blue cheese      Cheddar cheese      Feta cheese

Mozzarella cheese      Parmesan cheese

Cream cheese      Swiss cheese

String cheese      Goat cheese

There are a number of oils you can use for cooking purposes but when preparing your food make sure not to allow the oil to brown or smoke. Some of the best oils to use when preparing your meals are Canola oil, Walnut oil, Sunflower oil, Soybean oil, and Olive oil. Butter is also acceptable but do not use margarine as it contains Trans fats.

There are a variety of artificial sweeteners they can be used during the induction phase of the Atkins diet, topping the list is Splenda which is made from sugar and is noncaloric. Others include Sweet’n low, and Cyclamate remember each packet of artificial sweetener contains approximately 1 gram of carbohydrates so make sure you factor this in to your daily intake.

On the Atkins new diet revolution you are encouraged to drink a minimum of eight medium size glasses of water a day, other beverages include club soda, herb tea, No Cal seltzer water, clear broth, and coffee or tea if decaffeinated.

If you’re a caffeine junkie he might want to think about cutting that out of your diet before you start this program as excessive caffeine can have a major impact on your blood sugar which will affect how much weight you lose on this diet program.

There are few foods that some people normally associate with a diet program that are not allowed on the Atkins diet, chief among these is fruit because fruit is high in natural sugars that will turn to starch, other foods to avoid are any kind of starchy vegetables like potatoes, yams, ect. Also any food high in starch like bread, white rice, and any dairy that isn’t butter, cream, or cheese.

Get into the habit of reading your labels, anything with sugar in it is a definite no-no on this diet program. I said this before when I wrote up the Atkins diet review and I want to say this again, this is not a diet you want to stay on long-term.

This is a diet that will help you lose weight quickly, but it is not the most healthy diet available. It is an easy diet to do compared to some and if you need to lose 20 or 30 pounds this could be definitely the way to go, but get on and off it quickly, this is not the way to eat long-term.

One last piece of advice find yourself a good multi-vitamin as well as vitamins B and C a good broad range mineral supplement also a good omega-3 with fish oil supplement.

Good luck,


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