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What are the benefits that you can get from Testosterone esters?

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Do you know that the different ester forms of Testosterone are immensely helpful in producing desired androgenic and anabolic effects on your body? Testosterone is the primary male sex hormone which is also produced by the female body in traces. The hormone is produced by the Leydig cells present within the testes and is responsible for the following functions:

  • Deepening of voice
  • Appearance of facial and axillary hair
  • Increased energy levels
  • Improved stamina and strength
  • Accelerates the production of sperms
  • Increased sexual drive or libido
  • Less tendency towards infertility and erectile dysfunctions

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By looking at the beneficial impacts of testosterone in the male body, it can be said that it controls all the primary and seco9nadary masculine characteristics during the time of puberty. Similarly the esters of testosterone which can either be naturally produced in the body or exogenously supplied under the requirement have a lot of androgenic functions and uplift your wellbeing to a great extent. Do you want to know the awesome results from synthetically manufactured Testosterone esters? Read online reviews for more information.

What is the common list for testosterone esters?

You will mostly find professional weight lifters, body builders, wrestlers and athletes using synthetic forms of testosterone in order to enhance their physical capability and energy output. It is mainly due to the fact that testosterone might be produced in low quantities within the body and in order to increase its stimulation, exogenous ester alternatives are often consumed or injected for better androgenecity and anabolic effects. Depending on the attached ester, there are different forms of testosterone that you can find in the common chart:

  1. Testosterone Phenylpropionate C28H36O3
  2. Testosterone Isocaproate C25H38O3
  3. Testosterone Caproate C25H38O3
  4. Testosterone Decanoate C29H46O3
  5. Testosterone Cypionate C27H40O3
  6. Testosterone Enanthate C26H40O3
  7. Testosterone Undecanoate C30H48O3
  8. Testosterone Propionate C22H32O3

The listed esters of testosterone have different molecular weight and include the presence of different numbers of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen atoms.

What is the comprehensive chart of testosterone esters?

The two short yet useful forms of testosterone esters are testosterone propionate and testosterone phenylpropionate.

  • Cloxotestosterone acetate
  • Testosterone acetate
  • Testosterone acetate butyrate
  • Testosterone acetate propionate
  • Testosterone benzoate
  • Testosterone buciclate
  • Testosterone butyrate
  • Testosterone caproate
  • Testosterone cyclohexylpropionate
  • Testosterone cypionate
  • Testosterone decanoate
  • Testosterone diacetate
  • Testosterone dipropionate
  • Testosterone enanthate
  • Testosterone enanthate benziloylhydrazone
  • Testosterone formate
  • Testosterone furoate
  • Testosterone hexahydrobenzoate
  • Testosterone hexahydrobenzylcarbonate
  • Testosterone hexyloxyphenylpropionate
  • Testosterone isobutyrate
  • Testosterone isocaproate
  • Testosterone isovalerate
  • Testosterone ketolaurate
  • Testosterone nicotinate
  • Testosterone palmitate
  • Testosterone phenylacetate
  • Testosterone phenylbutyrate
  • Testosterone phenylpropionate
  • Testosterone phosphate
  • Testosterone propionate
  • Testosterone stearate
  • Testosterone sulfate
  • Testosterone undecanoate
  • Testosterone valerate

Depending on the following factors, you can judge the variation caused in the effects of testosterone esters:

  1. Age of the person
  2. Cellular metabolic status
  3. Height and weight
  4. Hormonal system

Therefore according to the dosage cycles, you will get the desired results of testosterone esters depending on the attached ester to the given hormonal supplement.


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