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The best masticating juicers – getting fresh quality juice in seconds

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This category of juicers almost made it possible to have juice extractors without shortcomings. The ease of use, saving of time, the requirement of little to no effort for squashing a lot of produce make the masticating juicers well-known. Now, it is a possibility to juice fruits together with tough vegetables. And this process can be achieved in silence because this category of juicers is not as noisy as the single auger juicers. Moreover, there is a factor that should still be considered, which is the existence of several models of masticating juicers with their specific advantages. So, in order to select the features that would be advantageous for your juicing purpose, you should see some ideas at twin gear masticating juicer reviews before selecting a particular model.


An example of reliable masticating  juicers

Omega TWN30S Twin Auger Juice Extractor

This is a great addition to the extremely respectable Omega trademark. It works with the masticating principle and has two gears operating in it, instead of one. However, the fact that it does not come with the same features and power that the Omega 8006 Nutrition Center has could actually be seen as a plus. We can see some of it by having a closer look at the benefits and demerits of the Omega Twn30S Twin Auger juice extractor.

Some of its advantages:

  • Nutrient preservation: Due to the dual auger and low operation speed of the triturating juicers, they tend to easily produce juice of the best kind. This enables the triturating juicers to preserve the ingredients’ nutritional potential.
  • Long-term affordability: Since you can produce all kinds of juice from this model of the extractor, it saves you money, as you wouldn’t need to get an additional one.
  • The versatility of produce: this category of juicers can take almost all forms of fruits, wheatgrass, sprouts, vegetables and others.
  • Amazing yield: you can trust in the triturating juice makers for producing frozen desserts, extracting milk from nut combinations or soy, baby food, and for extruding pasta.


Its demerits:

  • Speed: Compared to the centrifugal juicer types, they are kind of slow.
  • Pricey over a short period: if you do not plan to utilize the triturating juice maker for a long term, then it is better to go for cheaper alternatives.

Considerations While Acquiring a Triturating Juice Extractor

Is it simple to use? For a juicer, the more parts involved denote how complex it is. However, if your juicer has just a few parts, it means it is meant to perform just a few functions. Let’s take a masticating juicer that multi-functions for example; it can produce juice, churn butter, and make pasta. Considering such fact, you should only go for a juicer that offers the precise functions that you need. This way, you can be sure of getting a juicer with as little parts as possible, which also reflects in its usage.

Price: for first timers, it wouldn’t be wise going for the luxurious juice extractors. It is better to go for a simple one that can perform the functions that you need. Avoid spending so much on a juicer that its functions will appear redundant to you.

Some other features to consider before purchasing a juicer include the size, the level of noise, its power, ease of cleaning, warranty and so on.

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