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Can Kratom help to lose weight?

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You should have knowledge about Kratom and what does it look like. Its scientific name is “mitragynine species”. Its leaves are used for tea. Kratom is largely found in South East Asia and Thailand for hundreds of years. Leaves of Kratom are used as medicine. It can grow anywhere in the fertile land. Kratom is very much helpful to reduce pain, enhance productivity, concentrating and motivating thyself and much more. But can it be used for weight loss?

Yes Kratom can

Yes, Kratom can lose your weight. Kratom reduces your appetite of your food. So you eat less and stay healthy. If you are trying any artificial medicines and worrying about the side effects then Kratom is a great choice for you. But after having Kratom you should not miss any meal. Because it may cause your health damage.Image result for Can Kratom help to lose weight?

Is it harmful?

Yes and no. I mean Kratom is not harmful. It has no side effects. A short dose of Kratom doesn’t last long. Kratom helps to be more productive and alert minded. But if you take Kratom like 5-15 gram of Kratom then I have a bad news for you. Kratom can cause you more anxious, insomnia and many other problems. High doses of Kratom can cause skin damage. But limited and controlled uses of Kratom is helpful for your body.

Kratom is legal most of the countries. But in some places like San Diego Kratom is illegal. And some genres of Kratom like gray Kratom is illegal, but the green one is legal. DEA claims that Kratom is harmful to overdose. Yes, it is. But if you take Kratom as a limited dose then you will not be able to face the side effects of Kratom. So you have to choose which Kratom suits you most.

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