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Different Types of Ketogenic Diets That You Should Know About

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Talking about diets plans, there’s a lot of hype about ketogenic diet. But, what is this ketogenic diet? Well, to put it in simple words, ketogenic diet which is also known as keto diet is a low-carb, high-fat diet plan that helps you to cut down on your insulin and blood sugar levels. The diet focuses on cutting down on carbohydrate intake and thus, putting your body into a sate known as ketosis. In ketosis state your body becomes increasingly efficient in burning fat in order to produce energy. Now, there are different types of ketogenic diet plans that you can follow.

Diffrent Versions Of Ketogenic Diet Plans

In case you do not know about the different ketogenic diet plans, here you go with it:

  • Standard Ketogenic Diet (SKD): This is perhaps the most common version of keto diet that people follow. In this diet plan all you do is reduce your carbohydrate intake drastically. The amount of carb intake may vary from person to person depending on the needs.
  • Targeted Ketogenic Diet (TKD): In this keto diet you consume carbohydrate rich food just 30-60 minutes before, exercising so, that all the cab you consumed is burned effectively while you exercise.
  • Cyclic Ketogenic Diet (CKD): According to this diet you consume 400-600 grams of carb on every alternative day of the keto diet. This is known as carb-loading. CKD requires you to consume about 0 grams of carb per day and increase it to 600 grams on carb-loading days.
  • Restricted Ketogenic Diet for Therapeutic Uses: According to studis, keto dite is helpful in treating cancer. When you limit your carbohydrate intake to 20-30 grams per day, your body runs out of glycogen stores and thus, produces ketones. Healthy cells uses ketones to produce energy while, cancer cells die out becuase they can’t use ketones.

It is advisable that you follow the SKD plan because the other three keto diet plans are not recommended for the majority of the people. You can take the aid of the internet to know more about keto diet foods.

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