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Drug Rehab in Toronto for Ecstasy Addicts

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Drug rehab in Toronto takes a closer look and emphasis on the importance of addressing ecstasy addiction. Ecstasy, also known as 3, 4-methyllenedioxymethamphetamine or MDMA, is a man-made stimulant that is first developed in the 1900s in Germany. The drug was first formulated as an appetite suppressant, however, ecstasy became widely used as a party drug or stimulant for club goers starting in the 90’s. It is a highly known for its hallucinogenic effects, making it an addictive recreational drug.

Drug Rehab in Toronto – The Ecstasy Must-Knows

Ecstasy has numerous street names other than its most common term as the Happy Pill. It is also referred to as B-bombs, Cristal, Pollutants, Disco Biscuit, E, Clarity, Eve, Go, X, XTC, Wheels, Speed for Lovers, Sweeties, Scooby Snacks, Love Drug, Hug Drug, Iboga, and Morning Shot. College students and teens are highly vulnerable and exposed to ecstasy especially during night raves, parties, and concerts, as an upper or stimulant.

Substance abuse and dependence among ecstasy addicts become a pressing problem that called for drastic and aggressive drug rehab in Toronto.  There have been cases of accidents and deaths related to the addiction to ecstasy. The Happy Pill does not have that ecstatic effect after all. In fact, various crimes of date rape and gang rape have been attributed to the use and abuse of ecstasy especially among young people and party goers.

Effects of the Happy Pill

The primary effect of ecstasy is in the brain particularly the serotonin level, increasing the euphoria and energy of the user. It also lessens inhibitions and boosts your confidence, making ecstasy addicts more outgoing when under the influence of the drug. Serotonin is a chemical in the brain that basically controls the emotions and mood. One glorious rush is all it takes to achieve that pleasurable high that is a trademark of the drug.

Elevated serotonin levels destroy the serotonin or brain receptors, making some scientists conclude that using the drug is toxic to the brain. Based on the research conducted by the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health in Toronto, studies show that MDMA or ecstasy results in low brain serotonin transporter levels. The result also confirms the John Hopkins University research which indicates that the cerebral cortex contains low SERT or serotonin transporter in chronic ecstasy users. Addicts also develop a tolerance to the drug, requiring them to increase their dosage in order to feel the same effects.

Drug Rehab in Toronto for Ecstasy Treatment

Ecstasy addiction has drastic effects on the body and the individual’s behaviour and overall health. The toxicity of the drug to the brain makes it even more dangerous since the results may vary in degree and the length of effects could also differ. Depending on the level of addiction, there are various treatment options available.

Drug rehab in Toronto that is focused on the treatment of ecstasy addicts is important. There are various proofs that the drug is highly destructive. Contact a specialist for ecstasy treatment to avoid the irreversible and permanent effects of MDMA.

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