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The Finger Nail Picasso

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Fashion and beauty can be the ultimate form of self-expression. The way you look and present yourself to the world can say a lot about who you are as a person. It might seem like just clothes, makeup, or finger nail polish in the start, but the way one uses them can open up a different side of them. This doesn’t mean you have to constantly shop for new clothes whenever you’re feeling a different mood of yourself. In fashion and beauty, the devil is in the details. It’s the little things that count and can make the biggest difference. This is true from head to toe, to even fingertips.

Less is More

A lot of people love minimalism when it comes to dressing themselves. Less is more. They find the idea of simplicity and sleekness appealing. But, when it comes to the accessories, that’s where they can truly be wild. No such place offers free license to experiment than your fingertips. What’s great about it is you can go color crazy while still looking sane. It’s such a small detail that the unsuspecting passerby won’t even take a glance at it. With close inspection though, it can reveal the creativity you put behind such artistry.

A Clean Slate

To best experiment with your fingernails, it’s always advisable to start with a blank canvas. You have to almost imagine yourself as an artist on to do their next masterpiece. Only this time instead of a board, you’re using your fingernails. Make sure your nails are cleaned and tidy before you begin. You want your nails to be smooth so dirt doesn’t come up and make a mess of your painting. A helpful tip is to also use a special nail polish even before you apply the color. There is a special nail polish for nail growth that can protect your nails from becoming brittle and even worse, cracking. The one thing you want to avoid is broken nails that ruin your nail polish.

Wet and Wild

Once you’ve cleaned up your fingers and nails then now you can begin the process of becoming a nail polish Picasso. If you’re new at this don’t go for something to out there yet. Begin with the basics. Learn how to smoothly apply a fresh coat of paint to your nails. You don’t want nails that are rough to the touch. If you feel comfortable with your level of nail expertise then you can try different styles to see which one best suits you. Why use one color if you can use several? There are a lot of nail artists who meticulously apply different colors of nail polish to make an image in just one nail. Imagine the level of skill needed! Search the internet and you’ll find different finger nail art people have expertly applied. It’s not easy, but it makes staring at your fingers so much more enjoyable. No matter what the style, the important thing is to find what you think stays true to who you are in terms of style. Some prefer a rosy red, other prefer all the color in the rainbow, and some even just want clean unpainted nails. Either way, remember to always have fun while doing it!

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