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HMB Supplementation for Leaner Muscles

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If you have been working out for a long while to gain some muscles and body weight but remain unsuccessful still, then you might be missing some nutrition or supplementation that you have to consume in order to enhance your body’s capability. You may have already consumed too many protein shakes and amino acids to support your muscle building program but remain unsuccessful and this can be attributed to your body’s shortage of hydroxymethyl butyrate.

What is hydroxymethyl butyrate anyway? Otherwise known as beta-hydroxy, beta-methyl butyrate or more commonly known as HMB is a supplement type that has been gaining popularity over the years especially among health buffs and bodybuilders. HMB is extracted from the amino acid leucine which is naturally occurring in the body. It is estimated that about five percent of leucine people have in their protein foods get converted into HMB. HMB is then burned to enhance the production of lean muscles in the body. HMB is a natural component found in breast milk so this is one of the components that promote growth for the infants during their formative years.

HMB is commonly used by bodybuilders for hypertrophy gains, that is, to develop certain parts of the body that are targeted for muscle building. HMB is noted to have other ergogenic effects and some effects being anti-catabolic. They also have lipolytic and anabolic effects. HMB is safe to use and even has health effects like lowering a person’s total cholesterol levels. To make the story short, HMB supplementation makes a person more muscular, burn more fats, and preserve more muscles by the prevention of the muscle breakdown.


The HMB’s mechanisms and its actions are actually largely unknown yet. It is speculated that HMB appends fat oxidation by sparing or synthesizing oxidative organelles like mitochondria. Some studies have also revealed that HMB can actually improve the functions of the immune system.

It is suggested that HMB is taken with L-carnitine and creatine monohydrate as well adequate protein function that could be incorporated in conjunction with muscle and weight training. Take note that since HMB is a metabolite of L-leucine, this is not an essential nutrient. So you do not need to worry about your body’s deficiency when it comes to this compound as long as you are consuming enough protein but the added supplementation of HMB will lessen your body’s activity to produce HMB, therefore, the production of muscles is easier.

There are various studies that have been done on the effects of supplementing HMB for both humans and animals. They found out that no adverse effects that have been observed in animals consuming HMB You can purchase HMB Amazon if you are planning to develop lean muscles to make your body stronger and tighter..

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