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Know the average production of Testosterone in the body

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You must know that the testicles or male testes are responsible for producing testosterone. Most of the people question about the average production of Testosterone in the body and how the gland of endocrine system doesreceive the instruction for initiating the testosterone production. Mainly these testicles are not responsible to initiate such processes. Rather, instructions for production of hormone are even directed by pituitary gland. Pituitary gland is the tiny gland which is located in brain depth. They are also termed as master gland, which is responsible to maintain and functions different gland comprising endocrine system.

However, the endocrine system includes different glands which produce great hormones. The main endocrine glands includes as the,

  • Thyroid
  • Testes
  • Pituitary
  • Parathyroid
  • Ovaries and more

The female ovaries produce the estrogen and the progesterone hormones, which maintains and develops the secondary sex features in females and it is the essential one in preparing the uterus for the pregnancy. The average production of Testosterone in the body helps in growth promotion and maintaining well the secondary sex features in males too. It is not related to the libido or fertility. They are responsible for the production of sperm, the muscle strength, male’s body hair and the deepening of male voice or ability of having the erection. It is the androgen which includes major benefits. It is even believed for regulating different functions that includes the development of the bone mass, muscular sizing, strength and fat distribution.

The production in the males is even termed as the synthesis and they are produced in different amounts that are dependent on the age. The higher levels is even found the adolescent males and even peaks by time male reaches to the age of 40. The amount of daily production decreases gradually. This major decrease in the production can get equated. While production decreases with the age as the late onset hypogonadism. Many men even experience the changes in the levels and these decreasing levels produces some noticeable effects that includes,

  • The decrease in the sex drive or libido
  • Inability of obtaining or maintaining the erection
  • Mood changes and others

Depending on the age, the lifestyle and health status, one can experience different symptoms or severity degrees. The production of the testosterone also impacts by different environmental factors that include the stress. The testosterone replacement therapy is recommended for some men for the average production of Testosterone in the body. The doctor performs complete physical examination and request different blood tests which are for determining reason for the decrease in the levels that the aging factors. The different options are even available for increasing the synthesis which ranges from the prescription injection to over counter supplements. The benefits of all these treatments or the hormone replacement therapy differs between the men, health status and age dependency. However, the testosterone booster can also be used which helps everyone in at least having the average production of Testosterone in the body.


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