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Did You Know These Facts About Bayer Nebido For Bodybuilding?

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Bayer Nebido is an injectable treatment for low testosterone levels in men. The drug, produced by Bayer pharmaceuticals, is also known by its generic name – testosterone undecanoate. While Bayer Nebido is not available in the US, it is still used in some countries. In the bodybuilding community, some users have considered the drug for varied fitness needs. Here are the things worth knowing about Bayer Nebido.

The basics

Like other testosterone based drugs, Bayer Nebido is also not available for nonmedical purposes. If you are considering this drug for performance enhancement, you have to be careful, because there can be legal consequences of accessing it without a prescription. There are companies that promise to offer the same product at a much cheaper price than Bayer. Bayer Nebido injections can be purchased from some countries in South America, besides others like Mexico and Australia.

Using the drug

Bayer Nebido 4 ml oil-based solution contains 1000 mg of testosterone undecanoate. Undecanoate is an ester that’s attached to testosterone and works as a precursor. In the medical world, testosterone undecanoate is used for treating lower levels of testosterone – a condition that’s better known as hypogonadism. The injections are designed for intramuscular use, and for testosterone replacement therapy, around five injections are used per year. This is the standard dose in most cases, although there are exceptions. It takes around 12 to 14 weeks for the drug to work, at least according to Bayer.

Things to note

If you are considering the use of testosterone undecanoate for nonmedical purposes, you need to understand the possible side effects. The dosage will be much higher than medical scenarios, and therefore, the side effects can be severe at times. Some of the side effects and risks include infertility or impotence, liver damage, cardiovascular disease, and risk of interactions with other medicines. You may also witness a change in your blood pressure, besides other side effects like renal damage. Like other steroids, this drug is also known to suppress the natural production of testosterone. Also, there are concerns related to cholesterol and lipid profile.

For those who are trying steroids and drugs like Bayer Nebido for the first time, it is wise to start with a lower dose. Drugs can have different reactions in different cases, and one must talk to a doctor immediately in case of any side effect. Check online to know more about Bayer Nebido in detail.

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