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Limitless usages of Testosterone Cypionate

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Testosterone Cypionate is a medication used for the treatment in men who do not produce sufficient natural substance known as testosterone. In males, this hormone is responsible for the growth of genitals, bones and muscles. It belongs to a form of drug called androgens and works by affecting body systems to make your body function and develop. It is used for the treatment of delayed puberty in adolescent boys and also for the treatment of cancer in women. This medication has a rating of 100 when its anabolic structure is measured. It is a great steroid when used for more strength and size. It promotes nitrogen retention and protein synthesis too.

This medication is a creamy white powder, odorless and stable in air. It is not soluble in water but freely in chloroform, alcohol and vegetable oils. Depo-Testosterone injections are the most common brand of this drug that needs to be injected into your buttock every 1 to 4 weeks. It is advised never to inject it into your vein. Dosage is dependent on the testosterone levels in the blood, medical condition and your response to treatment. Use the medication regularly to get the maximum benefit. Misuse of this medication can cause diseases such as stroke, heart disease, mental problems, liver disease and improper bone growth. It can also result in withdrawal symptoms like depression and tiredness.

Administration of this drug

This medication is available in injectable forms and used for the treatment of patients suffering from low testosterone. Some of the usual characteristics of patients having low testosterone are a loss of muscle strength and mass, low energy levels, increase in body fat and lack in sexual desire. Low T levels can further add to osteoporosis, diabetes and other serious diseases. For performance enhancers, one injection a week is enough but in some cases, two smaller but equal sized injections can be effective. The multiple injections keep blood levels peaked and are also needed for controlling side effects.

Similarly, like anabolic steroids, more intakes means greater reward but it also means greater risk. By splitting the doses into smaller but frequent injections, small amounts of hormones are introduced into your body. For performance related doses, it can range between 200-1000 mg per week depending on requirement. The normal dose for people using this medication for low testosterone levels due to other steroid use is 200 mg. If used only for performance, the dose of 400-600 mg every week is effective. It is a well-tolerated steroid used for long time period and the usage of 12-16 weeks is quite common.

Precautions that need to be followed

This medication is not meant for intravenous use. Patients or users should be advised to report the symptoms such as nausea, ankle swelling or vomiting to the doctor. Hemoglobin levels should be checked periodically for the patient receiving this medication for a prolonged time period. Inform your doctor of your allergies to food or medicines. Also tell him if are suffering from heart disease, high cholesterol levels, lung disease, diabetes, liver or kidney disease or obesity. Do not use Depo-Testosterone injections if you are allergic to this medication, pregnant or planning to become one or a breastfeeding woman.


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