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one weight loss pillOne weight loss pill extra strength review:

So I was talking to a friend the other day and she was telling me about a diet supplement and that she had recently started taking. She said it was working great for her and that it was something that my readers might be interested in.

So I thought that I might do a little research and see what was so special about one weight loss pill, what I found surprised me. Every website that I want to all said the same thing, one little paragraph on how safe and effective this weight loss pill is, that’s it, that’s all, every single website on the first five pages of google all said the same thing about one weight loss pill.

This product doesn’t even have its own web site to sell this, you actually have to buy one weight loss pill from I was stumped because nobody seems to know anything about this product, I started to think this was this some type of scam? However after reading some of the reviews on this at Amazon (there were over a hundred) most of them said how great this product was, and how much it helped with these people’s weight loss efforts.

So what I did was end up hunting down the company that actually manufactures “one weight loss pill” and on the page for this product it said the same thing as all those other websites, which was effectively nothing. They did however have one small line that the other websites didn’t have and that was the list of ingredients that is in this diet supplement.

As I started doing research on each of the ingredients contained in the one weight loss pill I began to understand why this product seems to be so popular. While I’ve never heard of this product before probably because of a piss-pore marketing campaign, whoever developed the supplement put a lot more thought into making this then their marketing department did in trying to sell it. This is what I found out with my research on each of the ingredients in the one weight loss pill.


This is a plant named after a tribe in the Amazon who use the seeds as a medicine and to brew a drink. It’s also used to increase athletic performance, to reduce fatigue, to treat low blood pressure, chronic fatigue syndrome, heart problems, joint pain, backaches, headaches, diarrhea, fever, and heat stress. It’s also been known to prevent malaria, and dysentery. If that wasn’t enough it has also been known to enhance sexual desire.

L- taurine:

This ingredient is commonly referred to as a “conditional amino acid”, our bodies actually produce taurine. It is an antioxidants and is also said to promote mental acuity, its also supposed to help people with high blood pressure, high cholesterol, liver disease, cystic fibrosis, autism, ADHD, eye problems, diabetes, alcoholism, and congestive heart failure. It is also used to combat stress.

Green tea extract:

This type of tea is reported to have the highest amounts of antioxidants of the three main varieties of tea’s, the antioxidants and green tea are called “polyphenols” studies have shown that these types of antioxidants help fight free radicals which are compounds in the body that change cells, damage your DNA, and cause cell death.

The anti oxidants in green tea neutralize free radicals and help prevent some of the damage they cause including aging, heart disease, arterialsclerosis, coronary artery disease, and cancer. There’s also research that shows people that drinking green tea can lower your LDL bad cholesterol levels and raise the HDL good cholesterol levels, it does this blocking the bad cholesterol from being absorbed into the intestine.

Gynostemma Pentaphyllum extract:

This substance has also has quite a large following for its weight loss properties, it has what is referred to as double direction efficiency. What that means is it helps overweight people lose weight and skinny people to gain weight. This substance is proven to adjust your blood sugar levels and reduce blood fat, it also acts as a purifier in the stomach and intestines eliminating toxins and waste. It is also used to treat people with type two diabetes as well as research indicating this may prevent certain types of cancer.

Salvia Miltiorrhiza Extract:

This herb is supposed to be beneficial for both the heart and liver functions, it is also used in the treatment of skin problems like acne. Studies show that the roots of the salvia plant are effective in treating angina pectoris, cerebral atherosclerosis, intravascular clotting, and high blood pressure. It improves blood circulation by dilating the blood vessels and also helps reduce blood cholesterol.

Fructus lycii:

This fruit which comes from China is used in everything from tea, soup, stew, and wine. The health benefits from this included strengthening the eyes, it is also good for the liver and kidneys as well as helping to purify your blood. Modern scientists now believe that this fruit works very well at helping to maintain a healthy immune system, has antioxidant and anti-aging properties and will help your body maintain a healthy blood pressure and blood sugar.

Peony root extract:

The roots from this plant also have antioxidants properties, it’s also used in the treatment of Gout, osteoarthritis, respiratory illnesses, fever, and coughs. It is also used by women to help with menstrual cramps, Polycystic ovary syndrome, and PMS.

It is also used for the treatment of liver cirrhosis, muscle cramps, upset stomach, viral hepatitis, epilepsy, migraine headaches, chronic fatigue syndrome, nerve pain, and whooping cough. It also seems to help prevent blood clots and also can block the chemicals your body produces and that lead to muscle cramps.

Hoodia Powder:

I would imagine anyone reading this has heard of Hoodia before, for those of you who don’t know what Hoodia is supposed to do I will fill you in on what the company claims Hoodia can do for you when it comes to weight loss. This is an organic appetite suppressant that supposedly has no known side effects, the way it suppresses your appetite is by acting on your hypothalamus gland which is the gland that regulates your blood sugar levels and in turn your appetite. It tricks your brain into thinking that your blood sugar levels are normal when in fact there not thereby suppressing your appetite and delaying hunger pains.

One weight loss pill reviews:

Here are a few of the reviews I found one weight loss pill.

Tory Dahan

Well, One weight loss pill is my favorite one. I’ve lost a lot of weight on it. I’ve been buying from YoungYou since 2006 and always been satisfied with their product’s quality and customer service. (I receiving Endermologie at their Rejuvenation Center) I looked at the one-star reviews some people put on One Weight Loss and they made me laugh. I understand weight loss is a competitive business, but I am wondering what is the reason to claim that the company doesn’t exist. Completely ridiculous! Also, I noticed that the almost all negative reviews are posted by unverified customers, which means they never even bought the product. I am writing this because I really appreciate the company and their products. One Weight loss pill helped me with my weight problem and my girl friends and co-workers. I hope this will be helpful!                 

Terrence Collins

I have a low sugar tolerance; my doctor told me I have to cut down on my sugar intake, though for me that wasn’t so easy I’m glad I found One weight loss pill, because it makes it much easier for me to stay away from products that are high in sugar. My appetite is a lot more under control, so that I can just eat watermelon all day and nothing else and not feel hungry. These pills work well for me. I will definitely be buying them again.              

Caroline Cyr

I have tried many products to help me lose weight. Most made me jittery, or just did nothing for me. This one actually did what it is supposed to do: suppressed my appetite. I am pleasantly surprised with my progress. I have been taking them for a little over 3 weeks, and have lost 8.5 pounds. I am doing some exercise- (other than chasing my 16 month old)and have been eating regular meals. The only difference is I am not OVEREATING at those meals like before.

I really like the fact that it is only 1 pill a day rather than a lot of other products where it is 1 before each meal… I just can not remember to do it 3 times a day. I simply take it while I am making breakfast in the mornings.       

Jules B.

These pills actually work. But my problem is that if I take them in the morning before breakfast, it kills my appetite and I don’t feel hungry until dinner time, and then around bedtime I feel hungry and want to eat. So now I’m taking the pills after lunch, but now I find myself going to sleep a couple of hours later. Obviously, they’re affecting my schedule. On the other hand, I can see that I’m losing weight. Overall, I’d say that i like the pills. Is anyone else experiencing the same problem?

One weightloss pill the bottom line:

There you have it, I can’t find anything that says this product might have any side effects other than maybe making you a little drowsy and causing you to drink more water. From the list of ingredients other than its benefits when it comes to appetite suppression and weight loss I would say this would probably make an excellent addition for anyone’s daily vitamin routine.

It does have one further ingredient which is caffeine I didn’t list this with the rest of the ingredients only because everybody knows what caffeine is. Anyway I hope I answered most of the questions you might have for this product because it seems that nobody else will I’m just not sure why, this appears to be an excellent product that the company put a lot of thought into when they produced it.

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