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Are Oral Steroids More Effective Than Injections?

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Oral steroids are not preferred as much as injection versions do, even if the results are similar. Just like injection steroids its oral version is available legally with the help of valid doctor’s prescription.

What are oral anabolic steroids formulated for?

Steroids are available in different forms including injections, pills, and topical cream. All the forms are formulated synthetically to mimic male hormone testosterone. Oral steroids are used for medical treatment in patients suffering from cachexia, delayed male puberty and some cancers.

It is a belief that injectable steroids display few side effects because these don’t need to pass the liver. Whereas orally consumed pills go to the liver, where it gets metabolised and cause damages. Certainly, pills impact the liver BUT this only occurs, if the best oral steroids are not used with discretion. Otherwise, the results or side effects of injectables and oral pills are same.

In the same way, using oral or injectable steroids for non-medical purpose like bodybuilding or athletic performance improvement is not recommended.

Side effects of steroids

  • Increase in aggressiveness
  • High cholesterol level
  • High blood pressure, which increases the contribution of stroke or heart attack
  • Gynecomastia
  • Testicular atrophy

Dosage recommendation depends on the condition you are being treated for. Men experiencing low testosterone levels are also prescribed oral anabolic steroids. Common but best oral anabolics to use are Halotestin, Anadrol and Android.

Bodybuilders and athletes use steroids illegally. However, desperation can make them abuse or misuse the recommended dosage amount and frequency.

Medical community is concerned about the use of anabolic steroids because it can contribute dependency. The acuteness of side effect, dependence and potential withdrawal symptoms related to anabolic steroids depend on the dosage amount, frequency, and duration you have been taking.

Steroid withdrawal symptoms

Understand the possibility of addiction related to oral steroids and withdrawal symptom signs.

  • A devastating sense of weakness and tiredness
  • Appetite loss that can contribute to loss of weight
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Abdominal pain accompanied by diarrhoea

Veteran bodybuilders suggest the usage of steroid cycles with short frames. However, if you are new then discuss the benefits and risks of steroids in any form with a physician.

If you have any health conditions make the physician aware. In case, you are using OTC or prescribed drug or have modifies your diet then remember to check it out with the doctor.

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