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Policosanol: The Promise of Better Cholesterol Levels

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Policosanol originally was extracted from sugarcane wax. This is the superior quality type. The inferior quality is actually extracted from beeswax. Policosanol is actually a dietary supplement that has been tested and proven to give the human body plenty of health benefits that would be discussed in this article.

There are, however, some conflicting claims about the health benefits that Policosanol gives. There has been few research and studies that are conducted about this. This is why more reviews of this compound’s benefits must be done furthermore.

But some research that has already been done has claimed that policosanol provides the human body a way to lessen the cholesterol levels. This is a natural way to effectively reduce the bad cholesterol levels and improve the good cholesterol levels.

For people who are new to these, there are actually two types of cholesterol. The LDL is the bad cholesterol and the HDL is the good cholesterol.

While it is true that the goal of every person is to lower the bad cholesterol levels, it is also a goal to increase the good cholesterol that is produced by the body.

Policosanol lowers bad cholesterol levels at the same time it also increased the good cholesterol levels. As the saying goes, it is like hitting two birds with one stone.

Clinical studies reveal that bad cholesterols were lowered by as much as 20% while the good cholesterol is increased by as much as 10% through the administration of Policosanol.

It has an effect on the liver of the human body. Cholesterol actually is produced by the liver. With the introduction of Policosanol into the body system, the liver is forced to produce lesser bad cholesterol and increase good cholesterol production.

The human liver produces 80% of the cholesterol for the human body’s consumption. This is the reason why Policosanol works in regards to lowering cholesterol levels. It targets the liver where the majority of the cholesterol is produced.

Policosanol has a few other health benefits other than helping to alleviate cholesterol levels whether good or bad. It helps protect against heart disease also acts as an anticoagulant, and helps to fight against the formation of arterial wall lesions.

The research on this dietary supplement has been lacking up to this point. Once more research is conducted people will probably find out that Policosanol can actually offer several other benefits when consumed. However, at this point in time, the main benefits of Policosanol are the effects that it does on the cholesterol levels of the human body.

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