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Signs Your Baby or Child Needs an Eye Examination

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People of all ages need to have regular eye examinations to make sure their eyes are healthy and they can see clearly. It is especially important to keep track of your children’s eye health as they may not be able to communicate any vision problems they’re having. This information can help you determine when your child is having vision issues and when they should visit an optometrist.


Warning Signs of Vision Issues

Children of all ages can have issues with their vision, but the younger they are, the less they are able to communicate vision loss or issues. Infants cannot communicate vision problems, especially since they don’t know they are having them. For all they know, their eyesight is normal, so even as they get older, they may not know how to complain about it.

There some obvious problems you can spot immediately, such as one of your baby’s eyes not being able to open. While it is normal for some babies up to three months of age to have crossed eyes, if they don’t uncross, you should speak to your paediatrician. Along with these physical problems, some signs of vision problems are subtler.

Doesn’t React to Distractions

Babies one month and older should be distracted by other objects in their line of sight. If your baby’s attention isn’t captured by mobiles, lights, or other objects, then you should have his or her eyes checked. A Joondalup optometrist can exam your child’s eyes to look for diseases, injuries, or other reasons behind their vision issues. In some cases, they may need corrective lenses to see well, and an optometrist can prescribe and fit them properly.

Rubbing Eyes

Babies and small children may rub their eyes if they’re not seeing well. Although babies often rub their eyes when they’re getting sleepy, if they are rubbing them when they are not tired, this could be a sign something is wrong with their eyesight. If an older child rubs their eyes, squints a lot, or sits close to the television, schedule an appointment with an optometrist to have their eyes examined.

Complaining of Headaches

As children get older and start to read, they may complain about headaches or letters swimming on the page when trying to read. If your paediatrician doesn’t find any physical reason for the headaches, schedule an appointment for an eye examination. Fitting your child for eyeglasses will solve any vision problems they are having and will most likely end the headaches.

Cloudy Eyes

If your baby or child develops grey, white, or yellowish looking spots in their eyes that make them look cloudy, you should see an eye doctor right away. While most people consider cataracts a sign of aging, infants and children can develop them as well. An optometrist will be able to diagnose cataracts and recommend an ophthalmologist who can remove them, if there isn’t one in the same clinic.

If you see any of these warning signs, you should have your child’s vision examined to diagnose and correct any issues with their eyesight.

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