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Did Tom Hardy really take steroids?

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Anabolic steroids are referred to as artificial compounds that have similarities with the male sex hormone, testosterone. Physicians habitually prescribe anabolic steroids for treating diseases, such as AIDS and cancer and also for treating hormonal problems in the males, muscle loss, and deferred puberty. There are countless athletes and bodybuilders who utilize these compounds for augmenting their athletic performance and also to build muscles. However, this process of using anabolic steroids is neither legal nor safe and abuse of these steroids can lead to many health problems like acne, aggressiveness, kidney damage, heart problems, high blood pressure, deepened voice, breast growth, and liver disease.

Actually, in the phrase, anabolic steroids; anabolic means muscle building and by androgenic it is meant improved male sexual characteristics. Anabolic steroids are also called by names, such as Stackers, Roids, Gear, and Juice. These compounds can be taken in the form of pills, gels, creams,and injections. In many nations, like the US, for buying anabolic steroids you need to have a valid prescription from a physician. Still, besides countless athletes and bodybuilders, actors too take anabolic steroids for augmenting their physique and performance. Among the actors, Tom Hardy has been speculated that for bulking up for Hardy’s movie roles he used anabolic steroids.

The truth behind the story

Tom Hardy is recognized as a British actor and he has been seen in many movies that include Black Hawk Down in 2001, Bronson, Dark Knight Rises, Warrior etc. He was born at Hammersmith in London in the year 1977. He has been seen portraying various characters. He looked habitually lean and slim and in the following year, he developed impressive abs which made people ponder how he did manage to do it. According to some, this changed physique is the result of weight training regimens and workouts and some guessed that he had been taking anabolic steroids.

However, there isn’t any precise proof that he used anabolic steroids. It is true that he looked huge in few of his movies, but this proof doesn’t seem to be enough to prove that he had been surviving on steroids. This type of speculation does get confirmed in sportsmen where athletes are asked for a regular drug testing procedure but it’s not the case with Hollywood actors. However, Hardy was asked this question several times, but each time he gave this credit to his diet and his exercise regimen and sometimes he just avoided to retort back.

The guesses

Actually, whatever has been said about this British actor are all based on guesses. There are some fans of his who believed that for bulking up for Hardy’s movie roles in such a brief period of time he had been surviving on the juice. Again, according to some people, there is the more fat quantity in his body instead of muscles which is the result of overeating chocolates and he admitted in one interview that overeating chocolates can lead to such a physique. Nonetheless, it is pretty normal news for the media as it knows well that movie stars very often take anabolic steroids for getting bulked up when the role demands.


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