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How do the users get lean mass preservation effect from the intake of Winstrol?

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The effects of winstrol differ from one individual to another. This is one of the most popular and commonly selling steroids in the world. The results from the intake of this steroid depend upon the way they are being taken. Also, this depends on its dosage, frequency of dosage, reaction of steroids on an individual, diet, regular workouts and many more. This is discussed in the messages and forums, where the users can describe their reactions to the cycle.

The winstrol has a lean mass preseravtion effect, which is the basic reason of its use by the bodybuilders. The cycle of winstrol also intensifies the use of fat tissues. This causes depletion of fats in the body. This is very important for the users to know that the basic purpose for the intake of winstrol is the preservation of lean muscle mass, as its cuts off the fat content. The winstrol has the ability to burn this unwanted fats. The intake of winstrol helps the body to make use of the testosterone, so as to burn excess fat and preserve lean muscle mass.

Several other anabolic steroids that are used for building muscle mass. The intake of this anabolic steroid does not result in gaining weight, when used during cutting cycle. This is a matter of fact that the men have the ability to take higher dosage of the winstrol than females. The maximum cycle for intake of the winstrol is for 8 weeks. This takes the users above 8 weeks that puts the individuals at a level of severe damage to the liver. An ideal dose to bring decent results is 50mg every day for 8 weeks.

The bodybuilders or the individuals, who are engaged in competitive activities, it is considered effective to increase their dosage during the last one to two weeks of the cycle. The users are suggested that a dosage of 100mg in a day for a period of more than two weeks is considered unsafe for the user and hence it is suggested to avoid such high dosage.

It has been often seen that the women prefer the intake of the winstrol in its injectable form rather than its pill or tablets form. They take lower dosage, as compared to the males. The women must not exceed 10 mg of winstrol in a day. The women can split the dosage into a number of times, so as to take it in the lowest dosage, as recommended. The injection of winstrol has a half life of 24 hours and most of the men prefer to take it in its oral form. The users must keep in mind that every steroid has Virilization effects in women.

The winstrol has a lean mass preservation effect and is the basic purpose for its intake by its users. The women tend to take winstrol for a shorter period of time, so as to avoid its side effects. This steroid cn be stacked with other steroids, so as to produce best results.

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