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Using Essential Oils Throughout The Cold And Flu Season

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 Throughout the cold and flu season lots of people begin sneezing around me, dealing with groggy heads and stuffed nostrils. We can not feel, as this paper, equipment, hands and items that others-individuals with common colds or flu-have handled but we are able to make a move to keep ourselves healthy, calm and sanitary.

Personally, I take essential oils in to the shower beside me, every single day. I’ve become keen on two essential oils for this function due to their scent, which in my experience is enjoyable, as well as their relative affordability, and more importantly since they’re generally considered to possess some anti-microbial and anti-viral actions: Lavandin super (the hybrid nearest to true lavender in scent and composition) and Palmarosa (Cymbopogon martinii).


This is how I personally use them:


First a caution, Palmarosa may have a little bit of sting into it when applied straight to your skin, particularly if you have sensitive skin. So before I recieve in to the shower, I recieve a go glass and set in regards to a half-inch of some type of moisturizing oil inside it, almond, or jojoba oil, or perhaps essential olive oil. I Then put about ten or twenty drops of Palma Rosa in to the oil, mix things up well, and mind towards the shower. Waiting in the shower before I switch on water, and fostering to not get oily, slippery ft, I use the mixture to my chest, shoulders, arms and upper thighs. I pay attention not receiving the oil on my small face, within my eyes and ears, or near my genital area, since it can sting!

I Then switch on the nice and cozy water and then rub the oil onto my skin while inhaling the fumes. I Then wash normally with cleaning soap and water. This daily exercise throughout the cold and flu season appears that helped me to stay a stride in front of the anything which makes people feel unwell.



With Lavandin super, I’m guessing just a little further still. I sometimes take 20 drops of oil, undiluted, beside me in to the shower and put it on straight to my skin. The oil is really gentle which you can use it nearly anywhere, although this is not on the face area or eyes. Although the oil is gentle for most of us, I highly recommend an epidermis test, because not every skin is produced equal. I particularly prefer to use Lavandin under my arms, when i would any cleaning soap, after which wash with water. I do not typically use any cleaning soap additionally towards the oil. The result from the oil on my small skin would be to lessen the odor from bacteria, increase a feeling of calm and wellbeing, so when I smell it throughout-the day it provides us a indication to remain aware of what I am touching and taking advantage of.

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