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What Can A Medical Spa Do For You?

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When you visit a medical spa, you will quickly come to see that there are lots of options for skin care, weight loss, and other generally aesthetic procedures that will help you to look and feel your best.  In many cases, you can couple these treatments with some smart lifestyle changes to truly achieve the health that you deserve all without risky surgical treatments or dramatic crash diets and other fitness fads.


Diet and exercise remain the most effective way to help you achieve your healthiest weight/size/shape but a non-surgical, aesthetic procedure may help you get there a little more quickly.  Through one of these Mediluxe Traitement Cellulite procedures you will be able to reduce your body’s excess weight, typically through a non-surgical and non-invasive outpatient treatment. This could include:Image result for What Can A Medical Spa Do For You?

    • Coolsculpting (using extreme cold to permanently eliminate fat cells)
    • Radiofrequency (using radio frequencies to eliminate fat and tighten the skin)
    • Lipomassage (use friction to eliminate fat cells, drain the lymph system, and contour the body)


With radiofrequency and lipomassage you can smooth away cellulite and remodel the silhouette without invasive (and expensive) surgery.  Radiofrequency is natural, painless, and can result in:

    • reduction of wrinkles
    • body contouring
    • skin lifting without surgery
    • treating/removing cellulite
    • mitigating stretch marks
    • vaginal correction (like after giving birth)
    • improving skin texture, overall

In addition, lipomassage is also natural and painless and can result in:

    • elimination of fat
    • skin smoothing
    • attenuation of cellulite
    • body contouring
    • drainage throughout the lymph system
    • disposal of excess liquid in the body


Roughly 70 percent of women consistently express concern over the “heaviness” or weariness of their legs. A lot of this is likely due, at least, somewhat to high heels.  Women constantly consult with their doctor—and also medical spas—with complaints of sore ankles and leg cramps.  Lipomassage can not only help to alleviate these pains but might also be able to restore some of the original “lightness” to your legs.

In addition, radiogrequency could help to treat any condition that would involve skin tightening. As such, you could also seek radiofrequency to address vascular lesions and spider veins, which are also somewhat common in the legs.  It is important to remember, though, radiofrequency can take several months—up to 9, actually—before you see a result; but may find that is worth it since it is safer than surgery.

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